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Author: Steven Nighingale
ISBN: 9781857886313
Format: Paperback
Extent: 400 pp
Price: £12.99
Publication: February 2015

Publisher: Nicholas brealey Publishing


Yearning for a change, Steven Nightingale took his family to live in the ancient Andalucían city of Granada. But as he journeyed through its hidden courtyards, scented gardens and sun-warmed plazas, Steven discovered that Granada’s present cannot be separated from its past, and began an eight-year quest to discover more.

Where once Christians, Muslims and Jews lived peacefully together and the arts and sciences flourished, Granada also witnessed brutality: places of worship razed to the ground, books burned, massacre and anarchy. In the 1600s the once-populous city was reduced to 6,000 who lived among rubble. In the next three centuries, the deterioration worsened, and the city became a refuge for anarchists; then during the Spanish Civil War, fascism took hold.

Literary and sensual, Steven Nightingale produces a portrait of a now-thriving city and the joy he discovered there, revealing the resilience and kindness of its people, the resonance of its gardens and architecture, the wonders of the Alhambra and the cyclical nature of darkness and light in the history of Andalucía.