Author: James McCarthy
ISBN: 9780956603838
Format: HB & 4 DVDs
Extent: 116 pp.
Price: £24.99
Publication: Available
Publisher: Abstract Sounds / Turnaround


The story of the trials and tribulations of the biggest star in the history of pop music, a man who fought a life-long battle against his own inner demons

From his early childhood and tough upbringing at the hands of his father, this deluxe book and DVD set covers Michael’s meteoric rise from backing singer to stellar solo artist. The book also contains an in-depth track-by-track analysis of his solo studio albums. The four DVDs feature extensive interviews with Michael plus rare, behind-the-scenes footage of his charity work. They also draw on archive film and interviews with Elizabeth Taylor, La Toya Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé Knowles, and include backstage footage of Michael with Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The fourth disc is an interactive DVD quiz which allows the reader to test their knowledge of Michael Jackson.

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