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Libros Generales del Mes

  • Saint Christopher: A Novella
    Set in the Middle Ages but written in the early twentieth century, Eça de Queirós's novella, Saint Christopher, is a powerful indictment of those who profess the value of morality but who do not practice it.
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  • Happy People in Tears
    Happy People in Tears is an award-winning tale of diaspora that takes the reader on a voyage through five worlds - the island home of São Miguel, mainland Portugal, California, New England, and Canada - experienced and suffered through the obsessive search for happiness of a poor Azorean family of nine.
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  • Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer
    With Pessoa's digitized private library online, the importance of English to Pessoa has become indisputable, particularly in his formative years: numerous English authors served as the bedrock from which his poetic sensibility emerged, developed and soared.
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