Libros Generales del Mes

  • How to Read a Dress
    How to Read a Dress
    This lavishly illustrated book is the ideal tool for anyone who has ever wanted to know their cartridge pleats from their Récamier ruffles. Equipping the reader with all the information they need to ‘read’ a dress, this is the ultimate guide for students, researchers, and anyone interested in historical fashion.
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  • 9782374950037
    Anatomy Rocks
    Today, anatomy is back in contemporary art following the rebirth of gothic and horror in the entertainment industry. This reference book includes the work of renowned contemporary artists (Damien Hirst, KAWS, Mark Ryden), social media stars (Jason Freeny), street art icons (Nyckos) and a whole new generation of illustrators.
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  • 9781781452707
    Photo-Graphics: Exposure
    Photo-Graphics: Exposure looks behind the lens at the science of light, colour and lenses, and then applies this to the practical matters of such essentials as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, depth of field, metering, movement, histograms, exposure adjustment, and dynamic range.
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  • 9781909051454
    Women Street Artists
    The past few years has seen an explosion in the quality of street art – and a significant and growing proportion of those works are by women. The artists come from all over the world – the likes of Faith47 (Cape Town), Lady Aiko (NYC), BTOY (Barcelona), Neozoon (Berlin), Miss Van (Toulouse), Caratoes (Hong Kong), Nadege Dauvergne (Paris) and Lily Mixe (London).
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  • 9781911512486
    The Paras: Portugal’s First Elite Force
    This book tells the paras’ story as researched from Portuguese sources. It details how they were formed and trained and how they developed their imaginative, effective, and feared tactics and applied them in operations to protect the population from insurgent predations and destroy a vicious enemy.
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  • 9781606999851
    Spanish cartoonist Joan Cornella's first book, the viciously funny Mox Nox, has struck such a nerve on social media that his Facebook page has garnered over 3.7 million fan followers, three-quarters of a million Instagram followers, and a quarter-million Twitter followers. A quick glance indicates why: Each single page strip is a wordless, full-colour, hand-painted marvel of the comic strip form.
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  • 9786155304545-page001
    Picasso: Transfigurations 1895-1972
    In collaboration with the Musée National Picasso, Paris, the Hungarian National Gallery holds an exhibition from the works of the most influential artist of the 20th century. The selection focuses on almost all of Picasso’s periods; particularly concentrating on the continual alterations of the shape of the human figure, the continuous attempts at capturing features, as well as the sort of innovations that the completed works entail.
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  • 9781941393543
    OMG Posters
    OMG Posters features works by 40 different artists that sparked the explosive growth of the gig poster scene. Each poster listed includes information about artists, techniques and other works in their portfolios.
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