Libros Generales del Mes

  • 9780750967143
    A History of Women in 100 Objects
    The history of the world has been told in objects. But what about the objects that tell the history of women?
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  • 9781911306245
    On Abortion
    On Abortion is the first part of Laia Abril’s new long-term project, A History of Misogyny. The work was first exhibited at Les Rencontres in Arles in 2016 and awarded the Prix de la Photo Madame Figaro and the Fotopress Grant. Abril documents and conceptualizes the dangers and damage caused by women’s lack of legal, safe and free access to abortion. She draws on the past to highlight the long, continuing erosion of women’s reproductive rights through to the present-day, weaving together questions of ethics and morality, to reveal a staggering series of social triggers, stigmas, and taboos around abortion that have been largely invisible until now.
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  • 9781911545101
    English Uprising: Brexit and the Mainstreaming of the Far Right
    In his timely and important book, Paul Stocker examines how ideas of the far right – always a fringe movement in Britain – have become part of the cultural and political mainstream, especially via a noxious right-wing press, and how these issues are not unique to Britain.
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  • 9781840683400
    Tokyo Cinegraphix One: Horror & Exploitation: 100 Film Posters from Japan
    Film poster art and design from Japan is renowned as being among the most striking and dynamic in the world, with kanji logograms adding an extra dimension of graphic integration for the Western eye.
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  • 9781912174812
    The Battle of Trafalgar 1805
    In the first of a potential new series Florian Richter presents colour profile models of every ship on both sides in this epic battle. In a change to previous paper soldier titles, these ships can be cut straight out of the book to create the British, French and Spanish fleets.
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  • 9781908233127
    Cava: Spain’s Premium Sparkling Wine
    This book offers a great overview of the Cava’s origins, its elaboration, and its variety of tastes. You will learn all you need to know about the grapes, the traditional methods, as well as established and emerging premium Cava producers.
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  • Dunkirk
    Dunkirk- The Real Story in Photographs
    A pictorial exploration of the real story behind the forthcoming block-buster, Dunkirk Brought out for the release of the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk (July 2017)
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  • 9780993414992
    EUROVISION! A History Of Modern Europe Through The World’s Greatest Song Contest
    Do you think the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, with its crazy props, even crazier dancers and crazier still songs has nothing to do with serious European politics? Think again. The contest has been a mirror for cultural, social and political developments in Europe ever since its inauguration, when an audience in dinner jackets and ball-gowns politely applauded each song. It has been a voice of rebellion across the Iron Curtain, an inspiration for new European nations in the 1990s and 2000s, the voice of liberation for both sexual and regional minorities.
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