Libros Académicos del Mes

  • 9781849049979
    Queen of the Sea
    A boldly written evocation of one of the world’s great cities—the gateway to the Atlantic and port of origin for Portuguese overseas exploration.
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  • 9781845199180
    SMART CITY Barcelona
    Barcelona’s transformation into the world’s leading smart city is explained by one of its chief protagonists. This an essential guide for innovation and leadership for all those who participate in the design of cities in the 21st century.
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  • 9781855663251
    A Companion to Lope de Vega
    A Companion to Lope de Vega brings together work by leading international scholars on the life and writing of Lope de Vega Carpio, the 'fénix de los ingenios', a 'monstruo de la naturaleza', as he was described by his rival, Miguel de Cervantes. Spain's foremost Golden Age playwright was in addition a major artist in prose and poetry, genres also covered by the Companion.
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  • 9781527504028
    Spanish Royal Patronage 1412-1804
    Portraits have a long history in royal courts as a way of communicating the monarch’s status, rulership, and even piety. This anthology places such art works studied in the context of their commission, production, and display.
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  • 9781350019416
    The English Armada
    During the year between July 1588, when the Spanish Armada set sail from Spain and July 1589, when the survivors of the English counterpart of this fleet, the little-known English Armada, reached port in England, two of history’s worst naval catastrophes took place. A great deal of attention has been dedicated to the former and precious little to the latter. This book presents a full-scale account of an event which has been neglected for more than four centuries.
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  • 9783034322072
    Intensified Bodies from the Performing Arts in Portugal
    Looking at recent practice in Portugal, the volume examines several cases where the body and issues of corporeality raise questions of memory, identity, experience and existence. It opens a rare window onto the distinctive Portuguese post-colonial legacy, which has given rise to an intensified search for new forms of bodily affirmation in the world. In so doing, the book conjures up the transformative power of performing arts today: from body into Being.
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  • 9781933227757
    Biography of Lisbon
    Throughout the pages of this highly original and meticulously researched book, we follow the rich and fascinating history of Lisbon — European capital city and cosmopolitan metropolis — from its legendary founding by Ulysses to the present day.
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  • 9781845198817
    Conspiracy, Coup d’etat and Civil War in Seville, 1936-1939
    This book dissects the conspiracy against the democratic Second Spanish Republic in the context of the uprising and civil war in Seville, the capital of Spain’s largest region, Andalusia, and the most populous urban centre seized by the military rebels during the coup d’état of July 1936. As the major industrial and economic centre in insurgent Spain, Seville remains central to understanding the rebels’ repressive project, for this Andalusian province witnessed the highest number of extra-judicial assassinations throughout the war.
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