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Editors: Sven Dupré et al.
ISBN: 9789038225685
Format: PB
Extent: 456 pp
Price: £55
Publication: November 2016
Publisher: Academia Press

The classical view of science in the Spanish Netherlands harbors implicit assumptions, which need to be reconsidered in the light of contemporary historiography. Approaching the history of science from the perspective of the circulation of knowledge, this book indicates new paths of research furthering the integration of the history of science into wider, general history.

To accomplish this aim the book raises three sets of questions. The first question concerns the role of cities in the production and transmission of knowledge and skills in the Spanish Netherlands, with the Southern Netherlands being home to one of the densest urban networks in the world. In a second step, the book discusses how the Southern Netherlands were entangled with the rest of the globe through the Spanish Empire, and the Atlantic world in particular. How did these Iberian connections shape the circulation of knowledge in the Spanish Netherlands? Thirdly, did the definition and nature of knowledge change in the Spanish Netherlands and how was this related to processes of political and religious transformation?

Focusing on urban knowledge, Iberian connections and the politics of knowledge, this book offers a new framework for the history of science in the Spanish Netherlands.