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Editor: Helen Graham
ISBN: 9781472576330
Format: PB
Extent: 288 pp
Price: £19,99
Publication: August 2016
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

Helen Graham here brings together leading historians of international renown to examine 20th-century Spain in light of Franco’s dictatorship and its legacy.

Interrogating Francoism uses a three-part structure to look at the old regime, the civil war and the forging of Francoism; the nature of Franco’s dictatorship; and the ‘history wars’ that have since taken place over his legacy. Social, political, economic and cultural historical approaches are integrated throughout and ‘top down’ political analysis is incorporated along with ‘bottom up’ social perspectives. The book places Spain and Francoism in comparative European context and explores the relationship between the historical debates and present-day political and ideological controversies in Spain.

In part a tribute to Paul Preston, the foremost historian of contemporary Spain today, Interrogating Francoism includes an interview with Professor Preston and a comprehensive bibliography of his work, as well as extensive further readings in English. It is a crucial volume for all students of 20th-century Spain.

An impressive team of contributors, with exceptional offerings from representatives of the new generation of historians of contemporary Spain. The book offers fresh insights into Spain’s first democracy and the civil war that destroyed it. In the face of attempts, both in Spain and abroad, to sanitise Franco’s subsequent dictatorship, this volume highlights once again the regime’s brutality and its enduring cultural and political legacies for twenty-first century Spain. This is a fitting tribute to the most recognised historian of contemporary Spain.  Gareth Stockey, Lecturer in Spanish Studies, University of Nottingham, UK